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Some things you might not know about EuroMillions:

The EuroMillions Premier Syndicate could be your opportunity to win!

With this exclusive four-week entry programme from European Lottery Guild, you can now participate in four of Europe’s most renowned lotteries for just one low price! Not only will you play EuroMillions, the biggest weekly lotto out there, but you’ll also take part in three other official national lotteries for more chances to win in our “Lucky 30”!

Combining the prize power of nine European countries, EuroMillions is one of the greatest lottery opportunities in the world today. Drawn twice a week in Paris, EuroMillions offers a total annual prize pool worth €3.3 Billion (A$4.4 Billion)!* You might wonder how this is possible, but it’s easy to see when you consider that Division One prizes start at an estimated €15 Million (A$20 Million) and can jackpot to the record amount of €185 Million (A$250 Million). With the EuroMillions Premier Syndicate, you’ll jointly play two tickets in each draw, giving you 16 chances to win from a 4-week prize pool worth up to €314 Million! (A$424 Million)! As each Syndicate is limited to just 15 shares, you’re assured a generous portion of the prize money when your Syndicate wins.

Thanks to this special offer from European Lottery Guild, not only will you enter to win EuroMillions, but you will also participate in the Irish, French and Spanish Lottos! In each game, you will hold 10 unique sets of Division One Prize Pool numbers, so you’ll be eligible to win even more incredible amounts of money during your 4-week entry period. These “Lucky 30” exclusive bonus entries give you 280 extra chances of winning Europe’s richest lotteries!

In total, you’ll receive 296 winning chances in 36 draws with the EuroMillions Premier Syndicate. This is the game to play if you feel like being a winner!

* Annual Prize Pool Actual (2011)


The EuroMillions Premier Syndicate includes
the following:
16 chances to win from a 4-week prize pool worth up to €314 Million
(A$424 Million)
280 extra chances to win Division One prizes in the Irish, French and Spanish Lottos
The odds of winning a prize are one in seven AND you can win up to seven times on a single ticket! Isn't this game fabulous?
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for only A$25.00

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